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Senior Fellows
Abe M. Zarem
Founder and Managing Director, Frontier Associates

Areas of Interest:

all issues which can benefit from greater public literacy and knowledge of science, technology, and the processes of research and development and their support

Zarem is currently Founder and Managing Director, Frontier Associates, an advanced technological broad based consultancy serving the academic, governmental, defense, commercial, domestic and international communities. He is presently active as Distinguished Senior Advisor for Neuroscience Technology Transfer for the UCLA Brain Research Institute and a member of the Urology Advisory Board of the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine. Additionally, he serves as Distinguished Visiting Executive in Science and Technology for the California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Zarem is chairman and CEO Emeritus of Electro-Optical Systems and the Xerox Development Corporation, both of which he was the founder. He received his Master's and Ph.D. Magna cum Laude from the California Institute of Technology.

His principal work is in entrepreneurial technology transfer, strategic business development, and in leadership management training. His activities have covered a broad range from the impact of research and development and science and technology on regional economic development to a wide variety of technical and economic programs ranging from the regional and land development to advanced work in electronics and optics, telecommunications, night vision and infrared equipments, medical instrumentation, telemedicine and health care, and significant frontier and pioneering devices of importance to the nation's space, satellite and defense activities. He is known for creating technical centers, which have served as nucleators and incubators for new advanced developments, components instruments, systems and devices for all manner of commercial applications.

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