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Current CCST Projects

This project was delivered to the Governor in December 2006 and released to the public in January 2007. Click here for the final report.

Responding to the Gathering Storm

CCST received a request from the Governor asking us to help California respond to the National Academies report, Rising Above the Gathering Storm. The report contains a strong message that the nation's science and math education and economic environment need serious attention in order to safeguard the future prosperity of the nation.

"We are glad that the National Academies are emphasizing the importance of this message on a national scope. CCST is working to bring the results of this report to California policymakers. The long-term economic consequences for our state are too significant for us not to make substantial progress on this issue."

-CCST Council Chair Lawrence Papay

In response, CCST is preparing a list of "actionable" items with both short-term and long-term components. This activity is being accomplished by convening four task forces chaired by industry leaders to identify state assets and brainstorm about concrete actions that state government, business and industry, higher education, and federal laboratories could implement to address identified challenges. Industry is the driver of the state’s economy and S&T workforce issues affect industry directly; it is for this reason that CCST, with connections to industry, education, and the federal funded laboratories, was considered an appropriate organization to develop this response and bring CEOs into the task forces.

  • Recommendation A: Increase California’s talent pool by vastly improving K-12 science and mathematics education.
  • Recommendation B: Sustain and strengthen California’s commitment to long-term basic research that has the potential to be transformational to maintain the flow of new ideas that fuel the state’s economy, provide security, and enhance the quality of life.
  • Recommendation C: Make California the most attractive setting in which to study and perform research so that we can develop, recruit, and retain the best and brightest students, scientists, and engineers from within the U.S. and throughout the world.
  • Recommendation D: Ensure that California is the premier place in the world to innovate; invest in downstream activities such as manufacturing and marketing; and create high-paying jobs that are based on innovation by modernizing intellectual property policies, realigning tax policies to encourage innovation, and ensuring affordable broadband access.

Each of the four task forces is focusing on one of the National Academies’ main recommendations related to increasing the talent-pool, research base and business climate. CCST presented an update on these task forces at the National Academies’ September 2006 Convocation on the Gathering Storm in Washington, D.C.

The first task force, on K-12 education, met at the Southern California Edison headquarters on October 4. Edison CEO John Bryson chaired the task force. The task force on Innovation met on October 19 at UC Berkeley, and was chaired by Corey Goodman (Renovis). The Best and Brightest task force met on October 20 at Northrup Grumman and was chaired by Alexis Livanos (Northrup Grumman).

(Last update: 1/26/07)