Celebrate Science!

Join us throughout CCST S&T Week for events celebrating the importance of science informing State policymaking, including:

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Press Releases

2/15/18: Timely Science Explained Clearly at State Capitol: Feb. 20th "Translators Showcase" to Connect California Grad Students with Members, Staff

2/15/18: Celebrating Science in Service to California Policy: CCST to Host Science & Technology Week in State Capitol, Starting Feb. 20th

The California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) was established via the California State Legislature in 1988 to provide the Governor, the Legislature, and other State entities with sound scientific advice on public policy issues.

Partnering with the University of California, California State University, California Community Colleges, Stanford, Caltech, NASA and DOE federal labs, and beyond, CCST translates and delivers timely information and impartial advice to State policymakers. We make sure that science is at your service.

California's policies are stronger with science. We invite you to join us this February for CCST Science & Technology Week — and help us celebrate the role of science in guiding the future of California's economy, society, and environment!

Get updates and invitations to CCST S&T Week events and arrange in-office briefings. RSVP to Puneet Bhullar, puneet@ccst.us or Sarah Brady, PhD, sarah.brady@ccst.us, or via the RSVP button below. CCST is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization established via ACR 162 (1988).

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