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Jeffery Greenblatt
Staff Scientist, Energy Analysis & Environmental Impacts Department
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Jeffery Greenblatt, PhD is a Staff Scientist at LBNL. He is author or coauthor of a number of modeling studies on California's energy future, including a 2011 California Council on Science and Technology study, a California Energy Commission-funded project in collaboration with UC Berkeley, UC Davis and Itron, and most recently, a policy-oriented study funded by the California Air Resources Board. He also works on the life-cycle assessment of emerging technologies including artificial photosynthesis and autonomous vehicles, and oversees refrigerator economic modeling for the DOE efficiency standards program. He has more than 12 years of experience in climate change and low-carbon energy technology assessment and modeling. Prior to joining LBNL, Dr. Greenblatt worked at Google on the RE > C initiative ("Renewable Electricity Cheaper than Coal"), at Environmental Defense Fund as an energy scientist, and at Princeton University as a post-doctoral researcher. He received a PhD in chemistry from UC Berkeley in 1999.

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