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About CCST

California Council on Science and Technology was created in 1988 to be a nonprofit, nonpartisan science partner of the California State Legislature. Through connecting scientists and engineers with lawmakers, we offer an innovative approach for making an impact on California’s leadership, economy and environment. Our network of experts includes researchers at the top of their fields from private and public academic institutions around the State of California.

CCST programs include:

  1. Issue analysis and data translation: There are many issues where policymakers need to be updated on the underlying science issues, CCST provides non-partisan fact based data for the policy makers to use. We provide sound, science-based input to the State of California policy makers and leadership.
  2. Our CCST Science Fellows program places ten science and technology PhD’s in one-year fellowships in the state legislator offices. They become trusted members of the staff. The program helps scientists learn policymaking skills and enables legislators to have access to science-savvy staff.
  3. CalTAC - California Teachers Advisory Council brings top STEM educators together from around the state to discuss trends and policies facing science, technology, engineering, and math education in California, and interface with the State policymaking community.
Public policy has many advocates, participants and perspectives - we're uniquely positioned to be a nonpartisan voice advocating the science related to a policy issue.

For more on our history and programs, please download our latest Annual Report.