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  • CCST brings scientists and legislators together: Scientists working directly with lawmakers encourages fact-based legislation - leading to well-designed policies.

  • Bridging the science/policy gap: CCST enables scientists to learn policy while legislators have direct access to science-savvy staff.

  • More than science: By applying the lens of science analysis, CCST brings its unique science rigor to any area of public policy.

  • Lasting legacy: CCST has been a science partner of the California state government for nearly 30 years, providing analysis and reports at the request of legislators and agencies. Among our CCST Science Fellows, 50% of alumni become hired by legislative offices and agencies, helping to craft smart policies for California for years to come.

  • National Leadership: CCST has become a model for other states who want to establish science policy fellowships in their own states.

You'll Join Other Funders:

“For funders, there’s an advantage to supporting smarter policies in California since the state is a national leader in energy, climate, environmental, and other issues. The CCST Science Fellows program gives us a huge bang for the buck.”

– Jon Kaye, Program Director
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

You'll bring science to California policies:

“Legislation should be based on facts and data. CCST Science Fellows bring science and truth to legislation.”

– Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward)

You'll help young scientists:

“In addition to my mentors at CCST, I gained mentors in my assigned office. There was something valuable to learn from every staff member, and these relationships have helped my personal and professional growth.”

– Christine Hochmuth Casey, 2015 CCST Science Fellow PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Rochester. Placement: California State Senate Transportation