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Updated 05/04/18
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Greetings from Sacramento

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

This February, the California Council on Science and Technology launched its 30th anniversary festivities with a revival of Science & Technology Week in the California State Capitol --- a celebration of science in service to California policymaking.

Bringing together scientists, students, and state leaders, the 2018 S&T Week served as a timely reminder of why the State Legislature created CCST in the first place: to harness the collective expertise of California's research institutions and to respond to the Governor, the Legislature, and other state entities with advice on pressing policy issues related to science and technology.

Read on for a glimpse into the sights and sounds from our S&T Week events. I am grateful to all who joined us in our celebration that week, and in the months to come. I hope you enjoy this retrospective.

Susan Hackwood

Until then, the best of the spring season to you all. And I hope you will join CCST throughout 2018 at our many planned events --- commemorating thirty years of our service to California and Californians.

With My Thanks,
Susan Hackwood, PhD
Executive Director
California Council on Science and Technology

A Look Back at the 2018 CCST Science & Technology Week

S&T Week retrospective

A Capitol Celebration of "Science at Your Service"

The California Council on Science and Technology warmly invited the Capitol community to celebrate CCST Science & Technology Week this past February.

Reviving a tradition last celebrated in 1999 and 2000 by the California State Assembly and Senate, the 2018 CCST Science & Technology Week coincides with the 30th anniversary of Assembly Concurrent Resolution 162 (Farr, Garamendi) in 1988 --- which called for the creation of the California Council on Science and Technology to "respond appropriately to the Governor, the Legislature, and other relevant entities on public policy issues significantly related to science and technology."

"The continued prosperity of California's economy, society, and environment is due in large part to our forward-looking state leaders, who understand the importance of considering science advice when making decisions for the future of Californians," says Susan Hackwood, PhD, CCST Executive Director and Founding Dean of the UC Riverside Bourns College of Engineering. "As we once again celebrate Science & Technology Week, CCST is eager to hear from our partners in the Executive Branch, the Legislature, and the wider Capitol community on how we can work together to make California's policies stronger with science."

As a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization established via the California State Legislature to serve state leaders, the 2018 S&T Week served as a timely reminder of why the State Legislature created CCST in the first place --- and all the ways that CCST's network of university and federal research partners can be of service to policymakers in Sacramento.

"Whether you've worked with a CCST Science Fellow in the Legislature, or you've found a CCST One Pager or in-person meeting to be a valuable resource for information, we want to hear how CCST can be of help to your needs as California state leaders and staff," says Amber Mace, PhD, CCST Deputy Director and former Assistant Secretary for Coastal Matters in the California Natural Resources Agency. "Science is at your service --- and CCST is here to be your guide."

The 2018 CCST S&T Week featured a total of 10 of invitational and community-wide events. Read on for summaries and links to full-length stories!

Ken Cooley

Floor Remarks, Resolution Commemorate CCST 30th Anniversary and 2018 S&T Week

On Monday, February 20th, Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) and Assemblymember Ken Cooley (D-Rancho Cordova) jointly authored an Assembly Resolution to commemorate Science & Technology Week and the 30th anniversary of CCST's founding via the Legislature. The legislators recognized members of the CCST Board, Council, and staff during their respective Floor Session presentations.

  • Watch the Assembly Floor Session on Cal Channel (17:00 mark)
  • Watch the Senate Floor Presentation on Cal Channel (16:00 mark)
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  • Senator Anthony Portantino

    Caltech Nobel Laureates Tour the State Capitol

    One of CCST's State Sustaining Institutions, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) brought two distinguished guests to help kick off S&T Week.

    Caltech professors Barry Barish PhD and Kip Thorne PhD --- the 2017 Nobel Laureates in Physics --- were recognized during Floor Sessions, introduced by Assemblymembers Chris Holden, Jay Obernolte, and Bill Quirk PhD and by Senator Anthony Portantino in their respective chambers. Drs. Thorne and Barish also met with students at the CCST Science Translators Showcase.

    Image Credit: The California Channel

  • Watch the Senate recognition for Drs. Barish and Thorne (27:00 mark)
  • Watch the Assembly recognition for Drs. Barish and Thorne (19:55 mark)
  • More photos of Barish and Thorne's Capitol visit on Facebook
  • Science Translators in the Capitol

    "Science Translators Showcase" Brings Grad Students, Postdocs to Practice SciComm Skills at State Capitol

    Students are the future source of California's research competitiveness and policy advice, and to highlight the student science across our State Sustaining Institutions, CCST hosted the inaugural California Science Translators Showcase on Tuesday, February 20th.

    Fifteen graduate researchers and postdocs from UC, Cal State, Caltech, and Stanford campuses were recruited through video auditions and trained by CCST staff for this unique networking opportunity with legislators, staffers, and the broader policy community, held in the State Capitol during S&T Week. The event was organized in partnership with Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside), Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee.

  • Read the full feature story on the Science Translators Showcase
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  • Governor and Federal Lab Directors

    Governor Jerry Brown Meets with Federal Labs Directors

    For the second straight year, CCST brought together directors and leaders of NASA and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratories in California for a special luncheon discussion with Governor Jerry Brown and his senior advisors. These conversations underscore the importance of California's federal labs and research centers to the state, and the incredible resources they offer in complement to university and agency science in California.

    Front L-R: CCST Deputy Director Amber Mace PhD, First Lady Anne Gust Brown, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Director Bill Goldstein PhD, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Director Chi-Chang Kao PhD, Sandia National Laboratories Associate Labs Director Dori Ellis.

    Back L-R: CCST Board Chair Charles Kennel PhD, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Director Martin Keller PhD, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Director Mike Witherell PhD, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Director Michael Watkins PhD, NASA Ames Research Center Director Eugene Tu PhD, and CCST Council Chair Jim Sweeney PhD.

    NASA Ames, NASA JPL, Berkeley Lab, LLNL, Sandia, SLAC, and NREL comprise CCST's Federal Laboratory Affiliates.

    Tweet from Assemblymember Bill Quirk

    Legislative, Agency Leaders Host Federal Labs Roundtable

    CCST also convened a Capitol roundtable discussion with federal labs directors, state legislators, and state agency leaders. Assemblymember Bill Quirk PhD (D-Hayward), Senator Henry Stern (D-Canoga Park), Natural Resources Agency Secretary John Laird, and Cal EPA Secretary Matt Rodriguez shared their views on how NASA and DOE labs in California can best advise decision making and policy priorities at the state level.

    NASA Ames, NASA JPL, Berkeley Lab, LLNL, Sandia, SLAC, and NREL comprise CCST's Federal Laboratory Affiliates.

    Image Credit: Office of Assemblymember Bill Quirk

    CCST Federal Labs Impact Report

    Now in Print: Federal Labs Impact Report for State Leaders

    CCST unveiled "Federal Labs & Research Centers Benefiting California" --- a new reference publication for state leaders. This impact report highlights policy-relevant research being pursued at California's DOE and NASA labs, serving as an overview and guide to how CCST and its Federal Laboratory Affiliates can serve and support science-informed policymaking in Sacramento.

    NASA Ames, NASA JPL, Berkeley Lab, LLNL, Sandia, SLAC, and NREL comprise CCST's Federal Laboratory Affiliates.

  • Read the full feature story about the Federal Labs Impact Report
  • Download the new report (2.3 MB)
  • Visit the web version of the CCST Federal Labs Impact Report
  • CCST Expert Briefing panel

    CCST Expert Briefing: The Maker Movement and Higher Education in California

    The California Community Colleges (CCC) are another one of CCST's State Sustaining Institutions, and it was fitting that the featured CCST Expert Briefing during S&T Week focused on efforts by the CCC Chancellor's Office to adapt makerspaces and the Maker Movement for higher education in California. Opening with remarks by CCST Board Member and CCC Executive Vice Chancellor Van Ton-Quinlivan, a panel of practitioners from Sierra College, Sonoma State University, and UC Berkeley weighed in on how maker education can best be leveraged for workforce training and STEM skills development in California.

    The California Community Colleges System is a CCST State Sustaining Institution.

  • Read the full feature story on the February 21 CCST Expert Briefing
  • Watch a video of the briefing on the CCC Maker website
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  • Capitol colonnade

    CCST Council Members and Policy Staff Hear Policy Priorities of State Leaders

    CCST policy staff, led by Deputy Director Amber Mace PhD and Director of Policy Engagement Sarah Brady PhD, also took time during S&T Week to meet one-on-one with Legislative and Executive offices. CCST delegations met with 12 Senators and Assemblymembers, in addition to the offices of Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. The meetings provided opportunities for CCST Board Members and CCST Council Members to hear about current science advice needs at the state level, and ideas for CCST to improve its mission and service to California policymakers.

    CCST Leadership Awardees

    CCST Reception Highlights Science, Honors California Leaders

    The 2018 S&T Week culminated in the inaugural CCST Leadership Awards and Reception --- a shining night of networking and bonding as we formally introduced the 2018 Class of CCST Science Fellows to the Capitol community and unveiled the inaugural recipients of our Leadership Awards.

    Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin, Assemblymember Jay Obernolte, Senator Nancy Skinner, and Secretary of State Alex Padilla were the four state leaders feted at the gala for their respective careers of leadership in science-informed policymaking in California. It was an exciting and energetic evening where scientific visionaries and Capitol leaders and staff engaged in vibrant conversation and collegiality --- truly in the spirit of bridging science with policy.

  • Read the full feature story looking back at the CCST Leadership Awards
  • Access the CCST Leadership Awards press release
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  • CCST Science Fellows Alumni

    CCST Science Fellows Return for Alumni Reunion

    Fittingly, S&T Week closed with a hosted reunion of our CCST Science & Technology Policy Fellows. Members of all nine fellowship classes gathered at CCST headquarters on K Street to look back on their memories, and to look forward to the future of the fellowship program --- which will welcome its 10th anniversary class come November 2018!

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