Smart Meter Project

Smart Meter Project

Legislative Request

On July 30, 2010, California Assembly Member Jared Huffman wrote to the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) to request that the Council perform an "independent, science-based study [that] would help policy makers and the general public resolve the debate over whether smart meters present a significant risk of adverse health effects." California Assembly Member Bill Monning signed onto the request with his own letter to CCST on September 15, 2010. The City of Mill Valley also sent a letter on September 20th supporting Assembly Member Huffman's request for the study.


Reflecting the requests of the Assembly Members, CCST agreed to compile and assess the evidence available to address:

  1. Whether Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards for smart meters are sufficiently protective of public health, taking into account current exposure levels to radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields.
  2. Whether additional technology-specific standards are needed for smart meters and other devices that are commonly found in and around homes, to ensure adequate protection from adverse health effects.
CCST convened a Smart Meter Project Team composed of CCST Council and Board members supplemented with additional experts in relevant fields (see Appendix A for Project Team members). The Project Team identified and reviewed over 100 publications and postings about smart meters and other devices in the same range of emissions, including research related to cell phone RF emissions, and contacted over two dozen experts in radio and electromagnetic emissions and related fields to seek their opinion on the two identified issues.

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