CCST Council

The Council is an independent 23 member assembly of corporate CEOs, academicians, scientists and scholars of the highest distinction. The purpose of the Council is to provide independent and objective findings on public policy issues involving science and technology that affect the State of California. The Council brings together those who create knowledge with those who create wealth, in cooperation with those who make policy, to utilize science and technology for the economic and social well being of the citizens of the State of California.

The Council's activities include the identification of issues requiring CCST's unique expertise, support of rigorous report generation, representation at legislative hearings, and general visibility in Sacramento. Council members are appointed for 3 year terms, and may serve up to two terms.

The current Chair of the CCST Council is Corey Goodman. The Vice Chair is Peter Cowhey.

Updated 9/24/14

Council Members

Corey Goodman (Council Chair)
venBio Partners, LLC
Peter Cowhey (Council Vice Chair)
UC San Diego
George Blumenthal
UC Santa Cruz
Dona Crawford
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jeff Dozier
UC Santa Barbara
Ziyad "Zee" Duron
Harvey Mudd College
Susan Hackwood (Executive Director) CCST
John Hall
Bryan Hannegan
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Susan Hubbard
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jude Laspa
Bechtel Group, Inc.
Patrick Lee
Southern California Gas Company
Terry Lewis
Jane Long
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Amber Mace
David Martin
AvidBiotics Corporation
Fariborz Maseeh
Picoco, LLC
Prasad Ram
Jeffrey Rudolph
California Science Center
Soroosh Sorooshian
UC Irvine
Dan Sperling
UC Davis
James L. Sweeney
Stanford University
Joseph Walkush
Science Applications International Corporation
Julie Meier Wright
San Diego Regional EDC