CCST Announces Commitments and Partnerships Toward Responsible, Equitable, and Ethical AI, Following Inaugural Joint California Summit

May 29, 2024 | ,  

Building on today’s Joint California Summit on Generative AI and the commitment announced by Kapor Foundation, Omidyar Network, and San Francisco Foundation to help fund organizations focused on advancing AI across different sectors, CCST has announced the following commitments:

CCST, CSU, CCC, and UC series partnership

Sharing knowledge created across California’s institutions with the policymaking community is a key tenet of CCST’s mission. Building upon the Joint California Summit on Generative AI’s panels and breakout sessions, CCST will organize a series of public Expert Briefings on research trends in GenAI, especially as they relate to disaster resilience in California—including natural resource management, workforce shifts, and healthcare advances. The CSUs, CCCs, and UCs including UC Berkeley’s College of Computing, Data Science, and Society will collaborate with CCST leadership for the launch of the public series.

CCST Advisory Committee on AI

CCST will establish an advisory committee with AI experts from across California educational and research institutions, as well as industry, to guide policy and program development to enhance California’s workforce resilience. The CCST AI Advisory Committee will be a resource for policymakers as they grapple with the rapidly changing AI landscape.  Building on the momentum of the GenAI Summit, CCST will partner with UC Berkeley’s College of Computing, Data Science, and Society, the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI, and other key thought leaders in AI capabilities and governance to develop a workshop focused on the intersection of AI research and policy.

“This exciting series partnership and advisory committee on AI  mark a crucial step forward in bridging the gap between California’s cutting-edge AI research and the policymaking community,” said Sarah Brady, PhD, CCST’s Interim CEO. “By partnering with California’s esteemed and diverse institutions, as well as tech experts in other sectors, we will ensure that California remains at the forefront of AI innovation, disaster resilience, and workforce resilience.”

These commitments are in response to Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-12-23 in September 2023, to study the development, use, and risks of AI technology. A critical element of the implementation of this plan includes ensuring that AI tools in CA are developed equitably, ethically, and responsibly.

A photo of four panelists sitting on a stage with a large screen behind them showing the title, "Joint California Summit on Generative AI," with the US and California flags on the left and right of the stage.
CCST Board Member Louis Stewart (3rd from left) speaks on the opening panel of the Joint California Summit on Generative AI, discussing California’s Opportunity Landscape with Jason Elliott, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of Governor Gavin Newsom, Maryana Iskander, CEO, Wikimedia, and moderator DJ Patil, Dean’s Senior Fellow for UC Berkeley College of Computing, Data Science and Society and former U.S. Chief Data Scientist, the White House.

In line with this effort, CCST supported the Joint California Summit on Generative AI, held in San Francisco on May 29. The summit included a diverse array of perspectives and in-person working sessions, delving into how GenAI can benefit our state’s services and workforce. The list of distinguished speakers and panelists included CCST Board Member Louis Stewart, Head of Strategic Initiatives for NVIDIA. The summit was co-hosted by UC Berkeley CDSS, the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, and the California Government Operations Agency.



About the California Council on Science and Technology
The California Council on Science and Technology is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization established via the California State Legislature in 1988. CCST responds to the Governor, the Legislature, and other State entities who request independent assessment of public policy issues affecting the State of California relating to science and technology. CCST engages leading experts in science and technology to advise state policymakers—ensuring that California policy is strengthened and informed by scientific knowledge, research, and innovation.

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