CREST 2: The Role of the State in Research and Development Funding

Release Date: June 11, 1999 | Last Updated Date: June 11, 1999

CREST 2 Report Cover

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The focus of this paper, part of a series prepared for the California Report on the Environment for Science and Technology (CREST), is how the state of California agencies allocate funds for research and development. The funds that the agencies allocate primarily come from state and federal sources (with the federal sources coming to the state which then, in turn, reallocates the funds to specific state programs). The paper describes the results of an extensive survey of state departments that allocate R&D money, and presents several tables of summary data that can be used to describe partially the R&D atmosphere in California with respect to public funding.

The first comprehensive assessment of the state’s science and technology indicators, CREST draws on extensive research and analysis and offers recommendations for how industry leaders, academic planners, and state policy makers can respond more effectively to a high-tech economy. CREST addresses the absence of a regularly executed strategic planning process for the California economy by providing essential information upon which strategic and tactical decisions can be based.