Federal Labs & Research Centers Benefiting California: 2018 Impact Report for State Leaders

Release Date: February 4, 2019 | Last Updated Date: February 4, 2019


Discoveries by California’s federal labs and research centers save lives, advance technology, and inspire possibilities. They take us deep inside the genetic code, support the foundations of our energy and national security, and launch us toward the stars. When families save money on their home power bills through new technology, when a child explores the valleys of Mars from a classroom computer, and as the Voyager space probes sail far beyond our Solar System on thermal batteries activated in the 1970s, we have California’s federal labs and research centers to thank.

Six federal laboratories and science centers in California have formal partnerships with CCST – the State’s premier resource to connect decision makers with leading scientists in California and beyond – as Federal Laboratory Affiliates. This Impact Report offers a glimpse of the resources and expertise that each lab can offer to California’s decision makers.

Each federal entity boasts a government relations team able to assist local, state, and federal offices. Together with CCST, these liaisons serve as a resource for community members and officials who want to learn more about federal labs and their broader impact for California. CCST helps facilitate links across the capabilities and talents of these labs and centers, and can help Members and Capitol staff navigate the tremendous resources spread across federal labs and science centers in California.

With this report, we invite you to learn how our federal labs and research centers help make California stronger with science.

Note: The 2021 Impact Report is now available here.