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Terry Lewis

CCST Council Member
Terry Lewis

Independent Contractor and Consultant

Dr. Terry P. Lewis is an Independent Contractor and Consultant. He has over 18 years of management and engineering experience at Hughes Aircraft Company and Raytheon. Most recently he was the Off-Site Executive and Sr. Program Manager for Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) Electronic Warfare Systems - Airborne Information Operations (Microsystems) business unit. While there Lewis was responsible for oversight of Raytheon's profit and loss portfolio at Microsystems, which included program management, over of engineering on customer programs as well as cyber capabilities in the areas of systems, hardware, software and firmware development and reverse engineering.

Lewis has broad experience analyzing and designing communication systems including architecture design and implementation. He has significant expertise in communication and transmission security for secure military tactical systems. He pioneered anti-tampering technologies to prevent or reduce the ability of potential aggressors from reverse engineering critical U.S. technologies. His technical strengths are in the area of advanced communications techniques such as Ultrawideband, MIMO, OFDM 1 and waveform design, detection and estimation theory, electronic warfare, key management, tamper resistance, error control coding and antenna theory.

Lewis has served as the Chair for the City of Lomita on the Lomita Railroad Museum Executive Board and Eshelman Elementary School - Schoolside Council. He holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander and is a veteran of the First Gulf War (Desert Shield/Desert Storm). He was on active duty at Puget Sound Naval Ship Yard on Sept 11 where he contributed to America's response planning. He was previously assigned to NAVSEA's Integrated Warfare Systems 2.0 and 6.0 where he was responsible for system integration of advanced radar, signal processing and fusion capabilities within battle groups.

Lewis has served as:

  • The Commanding Officer of NAVSEA Detachment 118 Port Hueneme
  • The Department Officer of the Expeditionary Warfare Department Office at port Hueneme where he oversaw a budget of $200M and over 400 employees across 5 states
  • The National Deputy Director of Program Development of the Navy's SURGE- MAIN program where he was responsible for a program of over 2,000 people across all 50 States

    Lewis serves as an executive board member on the advisory committee of the National Academy of Science (Naval Studies Board) and has served on three NAS Committees: The Naval Studies Board on Distributed Remote Sensing and the Air Force Studies Board on Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and recently - A Review of U.S. Navy Cyber Defense Capabilities.

    His awards include the prestigious Most Promising Black Engineer of the Year award (2002) as well as numerous military awards, including the Naval Commendation Medal, the Naval Achievement Medal and the National Defense Medal with two decorations.

    He was appointed to the Council in 2015 and served three years.

    Updated 1/10/18