Watch: Building a Resilient Electrical Grid

August 19, 2021 | ,  

Photo of electricity towers under cloudy skies.


Toward a Disaster Resilient California:

Building a Resilient
Electrical Grid


How can we increase the resilience of our electrical grid to large scale disruptive events such as extreme weather or malicious attacks? Watch our CCST Expert Briefing to learn more. Held August 25, 2021.


Assemblymember Chris Holden
California’s 41st Assembly District

Expert Panelists:

Charles Hanley
Sandia National Laboratories | Senior Manager, Grid Modernization and Energy Storage Program Area

Alyona Teyber
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory | Staff Engineer, Grid Integration, Systems and Mobility Department

Jean-Paul Watson
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory | Senior Research Scientist


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