Digitally Enhanced Education: A Resource Guide for Learners and Leaders

Author(s): Haugen, Heidi; Hackwood, Susan; Gaston, Margaret; Phillips Diaz, Angela

Release Date: August 29, 2014 | Last Updated Date: March 4, 2015

Digitally Enhanced Education: A Resource Guide for Learners and Leaders Cover

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In 2010, CCST was asked by a bipartisan group of California Legislators to “assess the state’s innovation ‘ecosystem’ and offer a specific list of recommendations for legislators to enhance the state’s ability to foster and benefit from innovation.” Two major areas, education and water, were identified as major challenges where the solutions could enhance California’s international competitiveness. Subsequently, CCST, along with its California Teacher Advisory Council (Cal TAC), a group of award-winning STEM teachers from across the state, began their examination of digitally enhanced education (DEE) in California’s schools in 2012, focusing specifically on the efficacy of digital teaching and learning, namely what works well, for whom and under what circumstances.

As part of the report to the legislature, CCST and Cal TAC developed the Resource Guide comprised of samples of DEE-related leadership documents and references that can serve as sources of information for members of the policy, education, business, and philanthropic communities as they work together to shape and support technology’s increasing role in student learning. The elements in this guide are based on the expertise of other states, local districts, and education support organizations that have led the way in integrating technology into instruction.

The Guide was released with a QUICK Assessment, a one-page resource designed for on-the-spot use by classroom teachers and others wishing to determine the quality and appropriate use of digital tools, applications, and resources by students.