Digitally Enhanced Education in California Volume 1: Digital Education Programs

Author(s): DeCillis, M. Daniel; Rudé, Diana

Release Date: May 12, 2012 | Last Updated Date: February 17, 2015


Digitally enhanced education – a broad term related to the use of technology in education – was identified as one of three key aspects of California’s innovation ‘ecosystem’ by CCST’s multifaceted “Innovate to Innovation” project, initiated in 2010. This project follows on a 2011 CCST white paper and a 2010 Innovate to Innovation report on digital education, providing updated information on the rapidly evolving state of digital education in California and the nation as a whole.

This project was prepared in two sections. Volume 1 examines digital education programs in California and related policy discussions and assessments released during 2011-12. Volume 2 focuses on California education codes and policy pertaining to digitally enhanced education.

Key recommendations – Volume 1:

  • Digitally enhanced education must be considered a core component of the education system, not a supplement to it.
  • Robust and comprehensive data collection and sharing must be a priority.
  • Public/private partnerships must be a core element of successful implementation.