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CCST Report Assesses Specifications for Biomethane in California Common Carrier Pipelines
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Responding to a request from the California State Legislature (Senate Bill 840, 2016), the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) has issued the report “Biomethane in California Common Carrier Pipelines: Assessing Heating Value and Maximum Siloxane Specifications.” This independent assessment of scientific and technical information – including a summary report and […]
CCST Publishes New “Field Guide” to Federal Labs Science for California State Leaders
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A highlight of S&T Week for CCST’s Federal Laboratory Affiliates was CCST unveiling of “Federal Labs & Research Centers Benefiting California” – a new reference publication for state leaders. This impact report highlights policy-relevant research being pursued at California’s DOE and NASA labs, serving as a guide to how CCST and its Federal Laboratory […]
CCST Expert Briefing Shares Community Colleges, Cal State, and UC Makerspace Ideas for STEM Workforce Training
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Community Colleges (CCC) are another one of CCST’s State Sustaining Institutions, and it was fitting that the featured CCST Expert Briefing during S&T Week focused on efforts by the CCC Chancellor’s Office to adapt makerspaces and the Maker Movement for higher education in California. The third in CCST’s recently-introduced series of “Expert Briefings“, the […]
CCST Awards Reception Lauds Science-Informed State Leaders, Celebrates Scientific Innovation in California
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The 2018 S&T Week culminated in the inaugural CCST Leadership Awards and Reception – a shining night of networking and bonding as we formally introduced the 2018 Class of CCST Science Fellows to the Capitol community and unveiled the inaugural recipients of our Leadership Awards. On the night of February 21st at Cafeteria 15L in downtown […]
CCST Announces Senator Nancy Skinner as Inaugural Recipient of "Science in Policy Mentorship Award"
CCST Leadership awards during science and technology week
California State Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) accepted the CCST Science in Policy Mentorship Award.
Science Informing California Policy: Legislative Recipients of Inaugural “CCST Leadership Awards” Announced
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Council on Science and Technology (CCST), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization established via the California State Legislature to serve state leaders, is proud to announce the inaugural recipients of its CCST Leadership Awards. “California state legislators have a long history of incorporating scientific advice into their decision-making process, because they understand that California’s […]
Timely Science Explained Clearly at State Capitol: Feb. 20th “Translators Showcase” to Connect California Grad Students with Members, Staff
ccst science translators showcase
CCST has invited 15 talented graduate students and postdocs for its inaugural “California Science Translators Showcase”.
Timely Science Explained Clearly at State Capitol: Feb. 20th “Translators Showcase” to Connect California Grad Students with Members, Staff
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) has invited 15 talented graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to the California State Capitol to practice a crucial skill: translating science for policymakers. The “California Science Translators Showcase” will take place on Tuesday, February 20th, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the California State Capitol […]
CCST Report Assesses the Long-Term Viability of Underground Natural Gas Storage in California
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) has issued the report, “Long-Term Viability of Underground Natural Gas Storage in California: An Independent Review of Scientific and Technical Information,” along with an executive summary and a summary report. All are available for download at this link. Credentialed media can attend a press call […]
CCST Report Outlines Opportunities for Maker Education in California K-12 Classrooms
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Makerspaces offer intriguing opportunities for K-12 education in California, but challenges remain if they are to be adopted across the state, according to a new report by the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST). “The Maker Movement and K-12 Education: Current Status and Opportunities for Engagement in California” provides an overview […]
PhD Scientists Interested in Public Policy: CCST Science Fellows Applications Now Open!
A collage of photos promoting the CCST Science & Technology Policy Fellows. There are photos of the California State Capitol, State Flag, and CCST Science Fellows.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. | CONTACT: Annie Morgan, [email protected] | Download This Announcement (PDF) The California Council on Science and Technology is now accepting applications for the 2019 Class of our CCST Science & Technology Policy Fellowship. Completed applications are due by February 28th, 2018. The CCST Science Fellows program is open to those holding a PhD or equivalent degree in science and engineering, […]
Calling California Grad Students and Postdocs: Apply for Our California Science Translators Showcase!
A graphic banner announcing the California Science Translators Showcase. The text is orange, and the background is a pale yellow.
The California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) is excited to seek graduate students, postdocs, and early-career faculty for the inaugural California Science Translators Showcase.
CCST Welcomes New Council Members
With the beginning of 2017, the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) has welcomed six new members, including experts from a wide range of California institutions. “We are delighted to welcome our distinguished new Members to the Council,” said CCST Executive Director Susan Hackwood. “CCST’s work is only made possible by the dedication and […]
Embark on a Science Policy Experience in the California State Legislature as a CCST Science Fellow
2018 recruitment collage
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California Council on Science and Technology is now accepting applications for the 2018 Class of the CCST Science & Technology Policy Fellowship. Completed applications are due on February 28th, 2017. The CCST Science Fellows program is open to those holding a PhD or equivalent degree in science and engineering, and in social science […]
Lawrence Livermore’s iCHIP Project Simulates Human Physiology and Changes the Game
California is the leading biomedical state in the country, with a biomedical industry that generates more than $100 billion a year. No other state comes close in terms of employment or revenue in this sector. But there are significant costs and obstacles to developing pharmaceutical products for human use, as animal and human trials are costly […]
California Maneuvers to Stay on Cutting Edge of Drone Research
Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, represent a cutting edge technology whose potential uses offer a wide range of personal and business applications. As with other technologies, California’s taken steps to ensure that it’s at the forefront of both the research and the legal framework for integrating the new technology into society, as well as […]
UC Berkeley and UC San Diego Explore Engineering Education of the Future through Making
The University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) are both located in world-renowned hubs of engineering education and high-tech innovation. In many ways, they’re at the cutting edge of their fields. It’s no surprise then that both campuses have invested in facilities that break the mold of traditional engineering education, looking […]
21st Century Conversations: CCST Convenes Maker Space Stakeholders Throughout California
In April this year, CCST released a roadmap to help California Community Colleges grow a network of makerspaces, communal, interdisciplinary spaces which are empowering open-ended learning throughout the nation. This month, CCST brought the conversation home with a series of regional symposia designed to take the information in the report to the next level. “The InnovationMaker3 Symposium Serieswas […]
Science and Security: May CCST Meeting Brings Federal Laboratories Into Focus
Federal laboratories are an important part of California’s science and technology capabilities and infrastructure. One of them, Sandia National Laboratory California, hosted the May 26th CCST Council meeting, at which CCST Council members were presented with cutting-edge technology and innovations from Federal researchers. “The Federal labs provide critically important know-how and highly specialized expertise for […]
Berkeley Lab’s Cyclotron Road Program Gives an Entrepreneurial Boost to Innovation
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (Berkeley Lab) Cyclotron Road program launched just two years ago with a mission: to help move cutting-edge technologies from the lab to market. Now the program has selected its second cohort of innovators, while the first cohort has begun receiving national acclaim. “Our mission is to identify the best and brightest […]
Cal State LA’s NASA Careers Program Taking Underrepresented Students to New Heights
One year ago, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA) gave 13 underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to literally shoot for the stars. Earlier this May, these students shared the initial fruits of this new career development program. A $5 million grant from NASA’s Minority University […]