Mace and Bando in Issues: States as Laboratories for Science Policy Innovation

January 25, 2022 |  

In a global society whose challenges require innovative and effective policy solutions, states are pathfinders. CCST CEO Amber Mace, PhD, and Senior Advisor Jun Bando, PhD, contribute to a national conversation about The Next 75 Years of Science Policy with a new essay in Issues in Science and Technology on the roles of states and boundary organizations in science policy innovation.

California has been the vanguard for effective climate action in large measure because of its deliberate focus on connecting science and policy with the investments to match, they write. They highlight how boundary organizations like CCST play crucial roles in connecting science and policy by convening and drawing expertise from universities and nonprofit research institutions, the private sector, and government agencies to solve problems in ways that none of these organizations is capable of doing on its own.

Read the full essay at Issues in Science and Technology:

States as Laboratories for Science Policy Innovation


Amber Mace

Amber Mace, PhD, is the chief executive officer of the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) and a former assistant secretary for coastal matters for the State of California.

Jun Bando CCST

Jun Bando, PhD, is the senior advisor to CCST and a former strategic advisor to five US Department of Defense combatant commanders.

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