An Independent Scientific Assessment of Well Stimulation in California, Vol. 1 (SB4)

Author(s): Long, Jane C.S.; Feinstein, Laura C.; Birkholzer, Jens T.; Jordan, Preston; Houseworth, James; Dobson, Patrick E.; Heberger, Matthew; Gautier, Donald L.

Release Date: January 14, 2015 | Last Updated Date: July 22, 2016


Pursuant to Senate Bill 4 (Pavley 2013), the California Natural Resources Agency commissioned the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) to conduct an independent scientific assessment of well stimulation treatments, including hydraulic fracturing, in California.

The purpose of the report is to synthesize and assess the available scientific information associated with well stimulation treatments (WST) in California. The review will survey hydraulic fracturing, matrix acidizing, and acid fracturing as they are applied both onshore and offshore for oil and gas production in the state. The study workscope is organized in three major areas, which are being documented in three separate report volumes.

Volume I provides the factual basis describing what well stimulation treatments (WST) are, how they are conducted in general and practiced in California, and where they have been and are being used for oil and gas production in the state.

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Executive Summary (All Volumes)


Summary Report (All Volumes)


Vol. 1 Executive Summary


Vol. 1 Appendix L: Well-Record Result Data Set

Cover sheet (PDF) | Data file (XLS) | Data file (CSV)

Vol. 1 Appendix M: Integrated hydraulic fracturing data set regarding occurrence, location, date, and depth

Cover sheet (PDF) | Data file (XLS) | Data file (CSV)

Vol. 1 Appendix N: Pools with Production Predominantly Facilitated By Hydraulic Fracturing

Cover sheet (PDF) | Data file (XLS) | Data file (CSV) Part 1 Part 2

Vol. 1 Appendix O: Water Volume Per Stimulation Event

Cover sheet (PDF) | Data file (XLS) | Data File (CSV)