CCST Project Advisory Panel Recommendations to the Department of Information Technology – The DOIT Project Report

Release Date: July 15, 1996 | Last Updated Date: July 15, 1996

Release date: July, 1996

In January, 1996, at the request of the Department of Information Technology (DOIT), the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) formed a CCST Project Advisory Panel. The purpose of the panel was to advise the Department of Information Technology on the development of an effective process and series of protocols related to that agency’s review of information technology acquisition and application proposals submitted by other State departments. The CCST Panel, which conducted its work between January and April 1996, included experts from CCST member institutions and industries.

DOIT is actively engaged in improving California government information technology project initiation mechanisms, the management of projects and the validation and verification processes. DOIT considers project initiation to be one of the bottlenecks to the State’s information technology process and has requested CCST assistance. It is the second of several cooperative activities of CCST and DOIT.

The task of the CCST Project Advisory Panel was to suggest how to reduce the information technology project cycle time by adapting best practices and proven models for project initiation and approval to the State.

Principal recommendations:

  • Improve cycle time for projects – current average of 2.5 years is not acceptable.
  • Develop models/prototypes of proposed systems before final decision.
  • Use private sector advisory groups whenever possible.
  • Require brief concept paper format.
  • Set common standards for technical functionality.
  • Use specific and consistent proposal sections, including
    • means of validating requirements
    • feasibility of project
    • affordability of project
    • interoperability to other State systems
  • Develop paperless protocols wherever possible.
  • Provide a referral system and historical database of successful projects to be used as models and templates
  • The Department of Information Technology should be the governmental lead in information technology.
  • DOIT should form guidelines for connecting to local government and multi-jurisdictional agencies.
  • DOIT should always retain the ability to suspend or terminate a project that appears to be in difficulty or is not succeeding and to make sure that State agencies comply to established standards.

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