Personalized Health Information Technology (pHIT) Task Force Pilot Study

Author(s): Rao, Ramesh; Cardenas, Alfonso; Hibbs, Kathy; Levy, Richard; Kam, Alex; Coye, Molly; Tenenbaum, Jay; Patrick, Kevin; Shak, Steven; Martin, David; Sun, Richard; Rugo, Hope; Heintzman, Nate

Release Date: May 16, 2011 | Last Updated Date: February 20, 2015

Personalized Health Information Technology (pHIT) Task Force Pilot Study Volume I Cover

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The Personalized Health Information Technology (pHIT) Task Force pilot study is designed to apply cutting-edge information technology resources to the integration of molecular and genetic/genomic data with health records of breast cancer patients, thus enabling rapid adoption and meaningful use of new information in the course of decision-making and clinical care of breast cancer patients, across socioeconomic boundaries, in all care settings.

The pHIT pilot study is developing a system to translate clinical and basic research results into comprehensible information for use by both patients and clinicians to support their decision-making in the midst of the data deluge. To date (May 2011), the pHIT pilot study has completed development of an ontology, or knowledge representation for breast cancer care in the context of molecular and genetic/genomic information. Upon full implementation, this ontology will be an open-source, publicly available, and developed in a manner that can be easily scaled to include additional sources of information (i.e. new tests, emergent findings from clinical and basic research, new treatment guidelines, new resources, etc.).

Volume I of the study contains the summary update and status report. Volume II contains the appendices, with correspondence and documentation related to the report.

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