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Rollin Richmond Leads Smart Meter Project Team
CCST’s analysis of the safety of smart meters was prepared in a matter of months thanks to the many experts who came together to work on the project under the direction of project team chair and CCST Board member Rollin Richmond, president of Humboldt State University. “It was a pleasure to be part of a […]
CCST’s pHIT Task Force Moves Toward Project Expansion and Phase II Funding
CCST’s Personalized Healthcare Information Technology (pHIT) Task Force has completed a major component of the pHIT pilot study project, gathering all needed input from a four-member Ontology Panel assembled last Spring based on Panel member expertise in oncology, ontology and information technology. The pHIT pilot study focuses on personalized oncology through development of a clinical […]
CCST Releases Summary of Meetings on Trust and Accountability
The October 2010 CCST Council meeting focused on trust and accountability in science and technology. Two summary documents are now available, with overviews of the discussions from October 18 and 19, respectively. “Issues of trust and accountability in science are both timely and long-standing,” CCST Past Chair Charles Kennel said in his opening remarks at […]
Mim John, Peter Cowhey Named New CCST Chair and Vice Chair
Miriam John, former Vice President of the California Division of the Sandia National Laboratories, has been named the new Chair of the California Council on Science and Technology effective January 1. Council member Peter Cowhey has been named the new Vice Chair. “Mim brings to the position a depth and breadth of experience as a […]
Achieving Emissions Goals to be Major Challenge for California, According to CEF Study
California must dramatically overhaul its energy systems if the state is to achieve its ambitious goals of reducing total greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 and even lower by 2050, according to the California’s Energy Future (CEF) project report being released this fall. “Effective mitigation is going to require that we get down […]
Ontology Panel Advances pHIT Project
CCST’s Personalized Healthcare Information Technology (pHIT) Task Force has completed a major component of the pHIT pilot study project, gathering all needed input from a four-member Ontology Panel assembled last Spring by the pHIT Task Force based on their expertise in oncology, ontology and information technology. The pHIT Task Force is chaired by Ramesh Rao, […]
Innovation Ecosystem Meetings Begin
California State University East Bay President Mohammad Quayoumi hosted the first in what will be a series of meetings exploring aspects of California’s innovation ‘ecosystem.’ The meeting on October 14, “A Call to Action: Advancing California’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Innovation Ecosystem,” brought together industry and education leaders to discuss reinventing K-12 education, […]
pHIT Study Appoints Ontology Panel
CCST’s Personalized Healthcare Information Technology (pHIT) Task Force has assembled a panel of clinical oncologists as part of its pilot study to develop a scalable prototype healthcare decision support system designed to integrate de-identified patient records with genetic/ genomic test results. This system will be built upon an expertly developed personalized clinical ontology for breast […]
A New Way of Doing Business – In Space
This first jointly sponsored CCST and the California Space Authority (CSA) meeting created an opportunity to generate awareness of the burgeoning commercial aerospace industry resident in the Mojave under the auspices of the California Space Port. CSA is a member based enterprise association working closely with stakeholders to facilitate California’s competitiveness and space enterprise vitality […]
Changes in the Innovation Economy
At the February and May 2010 meetings, changes, threats and opportunities in California’s innovation capacity were discussed. The February meeting initiated a dialog on the changing context of innovation in S&T. Excellence in science and engineering is not enough to be a world leader – we need to be more creative, and look to radical […]
Understanding California’s Innovation Ecosystem
At the request of the State Legislature the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) proposes to conduct a comprehensive assessment of California’s “science and technology (S&T) innovation ecosystem,” (specifically human capital, investment, and infrastructure), analyzing and reporting current global innovation systems, and recommending to the Legislature actions that should be taken to sustain the […]
K-6 Teachers and Classrooms Need Stronger Focus on Science
California’s elementary school teachers feel much less confident in teaching science than reading or math, and there is both the need and the potential for significant improvement in elementary school teacher preparation, according to a new report by the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST). Currently, 50% of California’s students score at or below […]
Former CCST Board Member Nikias Named President of USC
C.L. Max Nikias has been named the next president of the University of Southern California (USC). Nikias, a noted scholar internationally recognized for his research on integrated media systems, digital communications, and biomedicine, is a former member of the CCST Board of Directors and is a CCST Senior Fellow. “Max Nikias is an outstanding person […]
Retiring Council Member Alfonso Cardenas to Continue Work on pHIT as Senior Fellow
Often, CCST focuses on an issue over a period of years, such as that of personalized healthcare information technology. For outgoing Council member and new CCST Senior Fellow Alfonso Cárdenas, the progress has been encouraging. “I am very glad to have been working with CCST’s energetic and visionary council members towards major advances much needed […]
CalPERS Approves Partnership With CCST on pHIT
In a meeting on December 15th, the CalPERS Health Benefits Committee approved moving forward with a pilot program proposed by the Personalized Healthcare Information Technology (pHIT) Task Force convened by CCST and the California Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency (BTH). The underlying purpose of the one year pilot study is to assist the state in […]
CCST Council Member Alice Huang to begin term as AAAS President
CCST Council member Alice Huang discussed science policy at the state and national level in an address to the Council in October. Having completed the second of two terms as a CCST Council member, she will assume the presidency of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in February 2010. She was designated […]
Looking Ahead: Mapping Energy Demand in 2050
California has two ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The first, proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2005 and codified in the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32), requires that emissions in 2020 be no higher than emissions in 1990. The second, also proposed by the Governor, calls for California’s emissions in […]
Symposia Examine Solutions for STEM Education
The National Research Council Center for Education, National Academy of Engineering (NAE), CCST, and the California Teacher Advisory Council (Cal TAC) have hosted three symposia designed to inform and develop a California STEM Innovation Network (CSI-N), in order to more effectively coordinate and drive the issues of STEM education in the public agenda. The first […]
CCST Convenes First Meeting of Newly Formed Personalized Health Information Technology Task Force
On May 27, 2009, the California Council on Science and Technology convened, on behalf of the State’s Business, Transportation and Housing Agency (BT & H), the first formal meeting of a newly formed Personalized Health Information Technology Task Force (PHIT). This meeting was an outcome of several months of investigative work by a steering committee […]
Healthcare Information Technology Faces Financial Barriers
The worsening of the financial crisis since September 2008 has made it more difficult to finance new clinical information systems (CIS) in the near term, but newly approved federal funding for healthcare information technology (HIT) has the potential to offset these challenges, according to a newly released report by researchers at the University of California, […]
New Science and Technology Policy Fellowship Program Launches
CCST is pleased to announce the launch of a new fellowship opportunity for professional scientists and engineers to spend a year working in Sacramento with the California State Legislature. The California Science and Technology (S&T) Policy Fellowships provide a professional development opportunity that will enable members of the scientific community to contribute to scientific and […]