Alumni Encourage Future Science Policy Talents on Fellowship Celebration Day

Our annual CCST Science & Technology Weeks (S&T Week) are a celebration of science-informed policymaking in the great state of California — how scientific expertise can play an important role as we guide the future of California’s economy, society, and environment. So naturally, any #CCSTweek would have to give a big shoutout to our CCST Science & Technology Policy Fellowship Program!

Since 2009, our science policy fellowship has recruited PhD scientists and engineers from across the United States to bring their knowledge and passion to California’s capital city, where they embark on a year of public service and government leadership training within the State Legislature or Executive Branch offices. As staffers and aides, these PhD experts learn the ropes of California’s policy arena, while directly applying their unique experiences and analytical lens to bills, rules, and other decision proposals that face the Golden State.

So, for our 2022 CCST S&T Week, we invited our alumni to join in on a Fellowship Celebration Day to help reach prospective applicants far and wide, across scientific disciplines and lived experiences. Alumni like Dr. Nora Brackbill ’21 and Dr. Dan Brumbaugh ’16 took to LinkedIn while Dr. Malaika Katrina Singleton ’11 took to Facebook to spread the word. Many more posted on Twitter to share their memories and advice — and boosted our signal on the Mar. 7 Fellowship deadline extension!

Dr. Meron Tesfaye ’20:

Dr. Renita Polk ’16:

Dr. Colin Murphy ’14:

Dr. Clio Korn ’21:

Dr. Sydney Chamberlin ’19:

Dr. Pajau Vangay ’19:

Dr. Grant Hisao ’21:

Dr. Christine Casey ’15:

Dr. Laura Feinstein ’13:

Dr. Amber Hartman Scholz ’10 (the inaugural cohort):

We also took time during the Feb. 10 Fellowship Celebration Day for a rollcall of our amazing 2022 Fellowship cohort — 16 PhDs currently placed with Legislative Branch and Executive Branch offices in the State Capitol and around Sacramento. And a few host offices and mentors jumped into the fun as well!

Longtime Fellowship mentor Assemblymember Dr. Bill Quirk:

Current Fellowship host and alumni employer California DPR:

Know a PhD scientist or engineer eager to explore a professional path in science policy? Encourage them to apply for our 2023 Fellowship cohort by Monday, Mar. 7! Visit our program website for FAQs, alumni advice videos, fellowship experience blogposts, and more:


Held as Part of CCST Science & Technology Week 2022

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