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Last updated 9/8/16 9:15am

InnovationMaker3 Symposium Series, June 2016

In line with the "Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy" (DWM) framework, the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) Workforce & Economic Development Division is investing funds to grow a statewide network of innovative makerspaces linked to California Community Colleges as a key partner in developing a workforce for the innovation economy. Through its InnovationMaker3 funding opportunity, the CCCCO aims to identify and network together 62 colleges committed to exploring, setting up, and/or building out their connections to the Maker movement. In addition to investment in a makerspace, grantees will be asked to plan for the creation of paid work-based learning/internship opportunities tied to student participation in the Maker environment through developing outside business/industry partners.

In support of this goal, the CCCCO and the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) presented the InnovationMaker3 Symposium Series. The series was designed to bring together interested community college faculty with experts from the Maker community. Broadly, the meetings aimed to begin building the envisioned community college makerspace network and inform faculty of what is required to develop a successful makerspace. This goal was achieved by showcasing existing makerspaces in the region, as well as discussing how to connect them to the community through both educational experiences and business partnerships. Three symposia covered the seven Community College (CC) regions, divided as follows, with each interested campus required to attend one symposium (and encouraged, but not required, to attend the one for their assigned region):

Northern regions symposium (NorCal) - U.C. Berkeley, June 13, 2016

  • Northern California
  • Bay Area

Southern regions symposium (SoCal) - U.C. San Diego, June 16, 2016

  • Los Angeles/Orange County
  • San Diego

Central regions symposium (Central) - CSU Bakersfield, June 23, 2016

  • Central Valley
  • South Central Coast
  • Inland Empire

Each symposium included the presentation of the recently released report: "Promoting Engagement of the California Community Colleges with the Maker Space Movement," authored by CCST. The program included a panel of experts eager to share their MakerSpace experience and provide colleges with the opportunity to ask questions, discuss MakerSpace data and metrics, and to begin developing plans for connecting their community of learning to the Maker movement and work-based learning.

Each regional symposium ran from 10:00 AM - 3:15 PM, followed by an optional tour of the host institution's MakerSpace.

Updated 9/8/16