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Senior Fellows
Lynne G. Zucker
Professor of Sociology and Policy Studies & Director, Center for International Science, Technology, and Cultural Policy, School of Public Policy & Research, University of California, Los Angeles

Areas of Interest:

knowledge-sharing processes and their measurement, impact of scientific and technological change on institutions and social structure, role of formal organizations (esp. universities) in fostering innovation, Construction of public use datasets in S&T including and

Zucker is Professor of Sociology (1989-present) and Policy Studies (1996-present) and serves as Director (1996-present) of the Center for International Science, Technology and Cultural Policy in the School of Public Policy & Social Research at UCLA. Concurrently, she holds appointments as Research Associate with the National Bureau of Economic Research, and was previously a consulting sociologist with the American Institute of Physics.

Zucker is the widely cited author of four books and monographs as well as numerous journal and other articles on organizational theory, analysis, and evaluation, institutional structure and process, trust production, civil service, government spending and services, unionization, science and its commercialization, and permanently failing organizations. She serves or has served as Associate Editor or Editorial Board Member for Administrative Science Quarterly, American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Pacific Sociological Review, and Symbolic Interaction.

Zucker received her A.B. with Distinction in Sociology & Psychology from Wells College in 1966. She took her M.A. in 1969 and Ph.D. in 1974 from the Sociology Department of Stanford University.

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